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CEO Visits Local Century 21 M M Offices – 5/5/10

You know you’re doing something right when the CEO of the company flies in from out of state to personally say hello. That’s exactly what happened for the local Century 21 M&M Associates office Tuesday, April 27 when Richard Davidson, President and CEO of Century 21…

Century 21 M M Real Estate Agent Finally Calls it a Career, at age 91 – 4/12/2010

Ted Shannon is finally ready to call it a career. Shannon, 91, had a retirement party this week at his office at Century 21 M&M and Associates in Fairfield, ending a career with the company that began more than 50 years ago.

Real Estate Snapshot For 2010 by Kim Van Meter of the Oakdale Leader-2/3/2010

In the absence of a crystal ball to gaze into to discern the health of the real estate market, industry analysts are busy deciphering hard numbers to determine how 2010 is shaping up in terms of economic recovery, and the status of the real estate market…

Modesto Bee article quotes John Melo – 11/06/09 Go to page two

More Bay Area home shoppers have started looking in the valley for bargains, according to John Melo, chief executive officer of Century 21 M&M and Associates in Oakdale. He thinks the new tax credits may boost that commuter trend.

M & M Expanding Fast in a Slow Economy by J.N. Sbranti, The Modesto Bee- 10/4/09

Realtors always say “it’s a great time to buy,” but is this the best time to buy real estate companies? Larry Matos and John Melo are convinced it is. The owners of Oakdale-based Century 21 M&M and Associates just purchased seven realty offices, pushing their total to 20….

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