4 Ways to Outshine Your Peers on Social Media

By the Experts at MoxiWorks

Lots of real estate agents are on social media, and many of those agents don’t do it right. In fact, if you look at the majority of social media posts as a whole, you’ll see they’re filled with indistinct and not particularly attention-grabbing photos. Go ahead and look at the hashtag #realestate, and you’ll see what we mean.

There are several insanely simple things you can do to your social media posts that will make them stand out from your peers (as well as the general public). Not only will these tips help you grow your following on various channels, but also, they can be applied to native posts, boosted posts, spur-of-the-moment posts, advertising, you name it.

High-Quality Photos? Groundbreaking
It might sound weird that we even have to say it, but let’s face it: Most people don’t post high-resolution or high-quality photos. This is strange considering real estate is inherently visual. People go online to look at a home’s photographs, and if they’re eye-catching enough, they’ll go check out the open house. Chances are, you’re already doing the hard part: You’re hiring a professional photographer to get the best possible visuals for your listing. So, why not use them?

Even if you’re not hiring a professional photographer, we’re guessing you have a smartphone that can take quality photos without even trying. (Even a water bottle can look amazing if it’s taken on portrait mode.) No more excuses for blurry, uninteresting photos!

No, hashtags aren’t lame. They’re how consumers search, explore and find the things they’re after! Pick and choose five or so to use on every post. Switch them up; see what ones your competition and your brokerage are using. Moral of the story: Use them, embrace them, love them and optimize them.

Client Testimonials
These are incredibly powerful, and while they probably live on your website and places like Zillow, they can also be used to spice up your social media channels. Think about posting a review a week. It doesn’t even have to be the whole thing—pick out your favorite sentence, and watch the followers and prospects roll on in.

Clever Captions
This is really the bread and butter to the best-performing social media posts. Having an eye-catching image is one thing, but you’ll hit a home run every single time if you couple it with a clever caption. It could mean something as simple as tying in some pop culture, humor, statistics or something else that your audience can identify with. Think about the posts and the profiles you love to follow. What about them keeps you coming back for more?

Want more tips on how to boost your social media? Check out the MoxiWorks blog.

Source: https://rismedia.com/2019/01/14/outshine-peers-social-media/



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