Text Messaging Etiquette for Real Estate Agents

It has been reported that 31% of Smartphone users prefer text messaging over regular phone calls. Although you may be used to calling clients, your clients may prefer to communicate by text messaging. When it comes to text messaging clients, it can be tricky to know what is appropriate. Here’s the 411 on text messaging etiquette.


1. Proper language and punctuation: When speaking with clients over text, it’s important to remain as professional as possible. It’s best to not use abbreviations or “text message language.” Remember, this is still a business matter and you should behave as if you were talking on the phone, speaking in person, or writing an email.

2. Business Hours: When it comes to text messages, you should treat it the same as phone calls and emails. Would you call a client at 5 am or 11 pm? If the answer is no, do the same with text messages. Only send messages during “business hours.”

3. Length: Keep your text messages short and sweet. Don’t overwhelm your clients with information that is probably best received face to face. Send text messages with information that needs an immediate, short response and be sure to not discuss important, legal information over a text message. Use text messaging to coordinate logistics.

4. Permission: Before you start texting your clients ask them if they would prefer to communicate by phone, email or by text.

Text messaging between real estate agents and clients can help business flow smoothly. It can be beneficial in showing that you are tech savvy. This may be even more important with first-time homeowners who are younger and more accustomed to texting.


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