Drop $1.2M on a Super Haunted, Frightfully Florid Victorian

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Source: Curbed.com ~ Spencer Peterson ~ 511 E Walworth Ave Zillow

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Location: Delavan, Wisconsin
Price: $1,200,000
The Skinny: In popular lore, Victorian mansions are not only haunted by restless spirits, but by long-decease decorating trends still lingering within. TheAllyn Mansion of Delavan, Wisconsin confirms both stereotypes. Zillow reportsclaims of a haunting there, but doesn’t say whether we’re dealing with a vengeful wraith, or merely the still-polite spirit of some well-coifed dandy. What can be confirmed is potentially just as frightening, depending on your taste: a surfeit of interior floridity that’s as overwhelming as the exterior is winsome and the painted ceilings are beautiful, fresh from an “award winning restoration.” Built in 1885 by a wealthy farming family, the Allyn Mansion has since survived a tenure as a nursing home, a stint as a furniture store, and most recently, a spell as a B&B. The current price is $1.2M, down quite a bit from 2008’s ask of $1.85M, and up from February’s price of $950K.

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