City of Dixon

In 2010, Century 21 M&M merged with Century 21 Distinctive and today our Dixon office, located at 1450 Ary Lane, has 11 of the areas finest Realtors ready to serve you whether you are buying or selling real estate.

City of Dixon FirehouseThe city of Dixon is located in Northern California, in Solono County. Located 23 miles from the state capitol, Sacramento, the population was 18,351 at the 2010 census.

The first settlement in the Dixon area was founded in 1852 by Elijah S. Silvey, whose search for gold lead him to this area during the California gold rush.

Mr. Silvey decided that it might be easier to make his fortune by opening an inn and saloon, rather than digging for gold, so he opened a half-way house on a well traveled stage coach route to the gold fields of Sacramento. By 1865, the community of Silveyville (pop. 150) had a general store, post office, and a blacksmith.

In 1870, the Vaca Valley Railroad established tracks near Silveyville, on land near property owned by Thomas Dixon. Dickson donated some of his land to create a railroad depot for that Rail Road, a little ways out of town, which meant the citizens of Silveyville had to move closer to the tracks. Mr. Dixon was in charge of that relocation, and the pioneers built what is known as Downtown Dixon.

The city was originally to be named “Dicksonville,” after Mr. Dickson and the first rail shipment of merchandise from San Francisco arrived in 1872 mistakenly addressed to “Dixon,” and since that time the city has been known as Dixon.

One of the first buildings that still stands in Dixon from the 1871 move is the Dixon Methodist Church located at: 209 North Jefferson Street, Dixon, CA 95620

Top employers are; Gymboree, Walmart, First Northern Bank, Campbell Soup Company, Cardinal Health, Superior Farms, Basalite, Altec, City of Dixon and Dependable Heating and Air Conditioning.


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