7 Reasons to Hire a Century 21 M&M Real Estate Agent

Hire a Century 21 M&M Realtor in Northern California1. Did you know that contacting a Century 21 M&M Realtor won’t cost you anything? No, the Seller pays the Agent fee. So house hunters, you are crazy if you don’t use the help of a Real Estate professional, especially if you are a First Time Home Buyers.

2. A Century 21 M&M Realtor can direct you to the pool of properties likely to interest you, and steer  you away from the totally unacceptable houses that will not only waste your time and energy.

3. The great thing about Century 21 M&M agents… they know the communities they live and sell houses in. They know if there is a Little League in town, they know where to shop and what your property taxes are likely to be.

4. Century 21 M&M Realtors know the school districts, the safety of the neighborhoods, and the recreation facilities that are nearby. Use their knowledge to help you choose one neighborhood over another within a town.

5. Century 21 M&M Realtors have access to the Multiple Listing Service MLS, so they know where nearly all the property that is for sale is in the community. They know the price and all of the pertinent sales information. This will make your house hunt less tiring and a lot more thorough.

6. One of the best services a Century 21 M&M Realtor can provide is telling you, the buyer, what price comparable homes in the neighborhood have recently sold for, also known as Comps. These Comps will help you in the Offer process an prevent you from overpaying.

7. Your Century 21 M&M agent will be there through each step of the buying process, telling you what to expect and answering all of your questions.

Finding the right agent can take some time. If you are considering properties in different cities, it is probably a good idea to work with different agents in each of those locations. It’s important to find someone that is not only knowledgeable, but also a hard worker.

Century 21 M&M has a list of 1400 agents in Northern California that not only specialize in specific communities, we also have agents that speak different languages and specialize in different types of properties.

Call Century 21 M&M toll free at 800-350-1548, and getting started finding your dream home today!


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