When selling your home, remember-Bathrooms sell Homes

Bathroom ideas if you are selling your home.Bathroom ideas can transform a tired old space into a peaceful, orderly retreat.  And, as any Realtor will tell you, Bathrooms and Kitchens will either sell your home, or kill the sale (depending on their condition). Century 21 M&M Real Estate Agents recommend budget friendly projects that will not only add value, but also improve this very busy room in your house.

First, let’s talk about the budget –

How much you can spend will determine to a great extent the end result. If it is a question of how to stretch a limited budget when you are selling your home, give your bathroom a thorough cleaning, paint the walls, hang new towels and if the toilet and sink have seen better days – for just a couple hundred dollars you can update those too.

Bathroom ideas that are budget friendly;

COLOR SCHEME: Start with the fixture color first, then choose wall surfaces, built-ins, floor coverings, and accessories to go with the fixtures. When all of the surfaces are similar in color, the room will look larger and feel more peaceful.

PLUMBING FIXTURES: Another reason to consider new plumbing fixtures has to do with water efficiency. Modern plumbing fixtures are much for water efficient that fixtures that are 10 years old. Also, there are dozens of special-use fixtures offered to help solve individual space and layout requirements.

LIGHTING, VENTILATION, HEATING: Even the smallest bathroom needs two types of lighting – general and directed. The greatest need for directed light is over the lavatory for shaving or make-up. Replacing old lighting fixtures is a cost-effective upgrade, especially if the existing fixtures are showing signs of age.

Whether or not you have a window or skylight, take a good look at your current ventilation system. For under a $100 you can replace an old unit that is showing signs of age.

STORAGE: The kind and amount of storage space your bathroom needs depends on what supplies are normally stored in this room. Making a list of the items you normally use will help you determine the amount and type of space needed to store them. Besides built-in vanities and medicine cabinets, you might consider recessed cabinets or shelf units. Storage is not only hard to live without, but also may be a deal-breaker when you are selling your home.

Additional Bathroom Ideas –

FLOOR PLAN AND LAYOUT: Consider the available floor space and number of family members using the bathroom to help determine the layout of this room. Knowing where the water supply and waste lines are will be important due to the expense of relocating them.

SOUND CONTROL: A sound control system between the bathroom and adjoining rooms is something to consider when remodeling. The idea is to muffle the sounds of running water and reduce pipe and flushing noises.

Home buyers pay attention to all sorts of things when buying a home.  It is always a good idea to spend sometime with a Century 21 M&M Realtor before putting your home on the market. Realtors are a valuable resource when it comes to deciding how much to money spend and where to spend it when you are getting your home ready for sale.


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