Safe, Clean Tap Water is a California Promise, but does it taste O.K.

Century 21 M&M Realtors know that tap water tastes different from town to town here in Northern California. That is due to the fact that our water comes from different sources. Some water has a lot of minerals, sometimes the water tastes a bit like chlorine, no matter what causes the change in taste, California promises clean, safe tap water.

For example, for years the City of Modesto CA residents received their water directly from 113 wells. In the 1990s the City partnered with MID and Del Este to build a surface water treatment plant in order to continue delivering clean, dependable water to a growing population.

Is this water safe to drink? YES! In order to make sure your tap water is safe to drink the California Department of Public Health, and the Federal Environment Protection Agency set regulations which limit the amount of certain substances in water provided by public water systems.

That being said, let’s talk about the water you are receiving in your home. If you just don’t like the way it tastes, you may want to consider a purification filtering system.

Before you purchase a purification system, it is important to know just what type of substance is causing your water to taste different.

You can ask your Century 21 M&M Realtor to provide you with a yearly quality analysis report of the water provided by your local public works department, and some will provide free test kits for their customers. However you can also buy a Do It Yourself kit from an online purification provider.

Some of the most commons substances we are concerned with include: fluoride, chlorine, arsenic, heavy metals, hydrogen sulfide and radon. These substances in minute amounts aren’t necessarily harmful, however, these substances may be causing your water to taste different.

Once you know what types of substances are causing your water to taste funny, you can make an informed decision on what type of purification system is best suited to remove them.

Ultraviolet light removes bacteria. Reverse osmosis will work best on the very small substances. And an activated carbon filter works best for a broad spectrum of substances.

Here are some examples of water filtering systems:

  • Water bottle filters are light and portable, but slow and not practical for home purification.
  • Pitcher water filters are portable and inexpensive, but slow and require manual filling.
  • Countertop filters purify large quantities of fluid quickly, but take up counter space.
  • Faucet filters are inexpensive and easy to install, but not very attractive and have a slow flow.
  • Under-sink water purification systems are convenient and purify large quantities of fluid quickly, but may require professional installation.
  • Refrigerator filters are integrated into the door of your refrigerator providing purified drinking water and ice cubes, but the flow may be slow and it can be awkward to fill large containers.
  • Shower filters are integrated into your shower head and are great for removing chlorine that is harsh on your skin.
  • Whole house purification systems clean all of the water that comes into the home, but, in order to sustain the flow of water to the house they often sacrifice filtration performance.

So, if you just don’t like the way your water tastes, you need to determine what types of substances are causing it to taste different, then you need to make a decision on what type of purification filtering system will work best for you.

If you are thinking of buying a home in Northern California, be sure to ask your Century 21 M&M Realtor for a quality analysis report of the water from your supplier.


1 thought on “Safe, Clean Tap Water is a California Promise, but does it taste O.K.

  1. This is very true – throughout Northern California, home buyers should have their water tested to find out what problems may exist. Culligan can test your water for free when purchasing a new home or for existing homeowners.
    The most common water problem in the home is water hardness. But other contaminants may be present in tap water. Although the water quality of the Sacramento River is good most of the year, seasonal events, such as agricultural runoff or runoff from historical mining operations, may affect this quality. Also an example is lead which is also present in some California drinking water ranging from home to home as a result of the materials used in the building of each specific house.

    For more info:

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