Century 21 Mortgage Professionals Get the Job Done

Century 21 M&M Real Estate Agents suggest that before you start looking to purchase a home, you should first contact a mortgage professional and get pre-approved. This process can actually take as little as 10 minutes of your time.

So gather together your tax forms, be ready with social security numbers, and know ahead of time how much money you can bring to the table to cover the down payment and closing costs.

Century 21 Mortgage Professionals are ready to help you from Century 21 M&M offices all over Northern California:

  • John Anaya – Stanislaus & San Joaquin Co, 209-758-4938, email-john.anaya@mortgagefamily.com
  • Sonny Nguyen – Stanislaus & San Joaquin Co, 209-534-7421, email – sonny.nguyen@mortgagefamily.com
  • Kenny Anderson – San Joaquin County, 209-633-9846, email – kenny.anderson@mortgagefamily.com
  • Juan Herrera – Stanislaus & Merced Co, 209-408-2363, email – juan.herrera@mortgagefamily.com
  • Linda Hays – Santa Clara County, 408-230-3182, email – linda.hays@mortgagefamily.com
  • Debbie Lintao – Solano & Alameda Co, 707-208-9585, email – debbie.lintao@mortgagefamily.com
  • David Will – Sacramento County, 916-300-9697, email – david.will@mortgagefamily.com

The following details will be discussed during this phone conversation:

Personal – Provide name (first, last and middle initial), social security numbers and date of birth for all parties involved in the transaction. If married, be prepared to provide the same information on your spouse even if they will not be a party to the purchase.

Residence – Be prepared to provide the address, zip code and phone numbers for all the places you resided in for the last two years. If you have been renting, you will be asked about the amount of rent you have been paying. If you own your home you need to be prepared to provide information on your monthly mortgage payments, tax and insurance amounts if you own your current residence.

Income – Be prepared to discuss all sources of ongoing income. Have income information for all parties involved in the transaction; including business names, addresses, and phone numbers of employers or other sources of income, and dates of employment for the last two years. Have the most recent 30 day pay stubs available.

Credit – Be prepared to discuss any unusual issues regarding your credit (judgments, liens, derogatory payment history).

Tax Forms – Be prepared to provide the first page of the last two years IRS 1040 available for all parties involved. If any party is Self Employed, they must have been so for at least two years. Any unusual deductions should be disclosed at this time.

Assets – Have the name of each repository and type of account (checking, savings, 401K, IRAQ, CD) along with approximate balances in each. All assets to be used should be in an account as soon as possible.

When you make this phone call to a Century 21 Mortgage Professional, the questions you will be asked are designed to make you feel at ease with the process. No commitment is expected nor is any pressure applied. The goal of the Century 21 Mortgage Division is to simply to help you make an informed decision when buying Real Estate and to provide your Century 21 M&M real estate agent the tools they need to make a successful offer.


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