July is Century 21 M&M Real Estate’s Open House Month

July is Century 21 M&M's Open House Month

John Melo, CEO Century 21 M&M

John Melo, CEO of Century 21 M&M is challenging all Realtors to conduct Open Houses through out Northern California during the month of July 2011. Melo is watching for the most creative marketing techniques…who gets the most traffic, best social media promotion, best neighborhood invitations, email and postcard campaigns, etc.

Bob Blower, Sales Manager for the Century 21 M&M Lodi and Rio Vista offices, advises his

Bob Blower, Sales Manager forLodi Office 209-373-2358

Realtors that a successful Open House includes dropping off written invitations to 25 homes in the surrounding area, providing refreshments, and following up on leads that were generated during the Open House.

Leslie Noll, Sales Manager for Clovis - 559-326-5111

The Sales Manager for the Century 21 M&M Clovis office, Leslie Noll adds that internet marketing is important in today’s marketing environment and recommends that agents hosting Open Houses post on Facebook events, Facebook pages, Craigslist, Linkedin events and Twitter. She also recommends having on-hand, maps of all the Open Houses in the area and Century 21 Mortgage fliers and/or brochures.

With all of that being said, Century 21 M&M agents work with homeowners every day and advise their clients that preparing a home for the Open House is just as important as conducting the open house itself.

Here are a few tips:

  • Clean your house, inside in and out so that it will pass a white glove test. Clear out the clutter and remove any furniture and stored items that are not necessary.
  • Let in the light, open the drapes, turn on lamps and light fixtures.
  • Maintain a pleasant indoor temperature (70F).
  • Declutter kitchen counters, put away kitchen gadgets and small appliances and make sure your sink is empty.
  • Set your dining room table, especially if you have nice linen or china.
  • Remove personal valuables. Turn off the computer.
  • Open windows, if possible, to let in the fresh air, or simmer spices on the stove, bake cookies, etc.
  • Close all drawers and cabinet doors.
  • Open all interior doors, except those of closets and pantry.
  • Put down all toilet lids. Hang fresh towels in the bathroom.
  • Take out the garbage. No stinky odors in house.
  • Arrange the furniture so that it situated away from walls and opens up to invite people to sit down.
  • If you have a fireplace, light it or light candles in it.
  • Close the garage door and don’t forget to pay close attention to curb appeal. A potted flowering plant on the front porch is always a good idea.
  • Leave the house so that your Century 21 M&M Realtor is free to deal with prospective buyers in a professional manner.
  • Park your vehicles somewhere else. Your driveway and garage must not be occupied during a showing.

So clean it out, spruce it up and join Century 21 M&M‘s Open House month and let’s get some homes sold! Call for a Realtor in your area at (800)350-1548.


These are exciting times to buy a home, just ask a Century 21 Mortgage Professional

What is exciting about home loans in this market today?

Juan Herrera, Century 21 Mortgage Professional, Merced & Stanislaus Co, email-juan.herrera@ mortgagefamily.com

Juan Herrera, Century 21 Mortgage Professional in Stanislaus and Merced Counties says, “We are at the bottom of the market with good prices and good rates. Buy now before the mortgage rates increase.”

Furthermore, Herrera says, “There are two very popular loan products that offer No Down Payment – USDA and VA, great for first time home buyers. In fact USDA requires No Down payment, no mortgage insurance and is available for first time home buyers in rural towns.”

David Will, Century 21 Mortgage Professional - (916)300-9697, email-david.will@ mortgagefamily.com

Dave Will, Century 21 Mortgage Professional in Solano County says, “With lower prices and lower interest rates, now is an exciting time to purchase a home – especially for first time home buyers and people that thought they could never afford a home.”

“Historically it was exciting when a home buyer could get a rate as low as 6%. Today, 30 fixed mortgage rates are at about 4.5%.  With interest rates in the mid 4’s, don’t wait until they are in the mid 5’s.” said Will.

“These days, a buyer with a FICO score of 600 can get a home loan without penalties,” says Will, “and lenders are a lot more flexible with Short Sales than they used to be. There are a few more REO/Foreclosures available this year, but otherwise the market seems to have hit the bottom, and even though it is a bit soft, I see improvement.”

Overall, this is an exciting time for first time homebuyers. With home prices dropping, low interest rates and reasonable loan products, people who may have thought they could never own a home – can purchase a really nice, affordable home.

Call a Century 21 M&M Mortgage Professional today to get pre-qualified in order to purchase the home of your dreams. You may be surprised at how easy and affordable it is to own your own home.

Century 21 Mortgage Professionals Get the Job Done

Century 21 M&M Real Estate Agents suggest that before you start looking to purchase a home, you should first contact a mortgage professional and get pre-approved. This process can actually take as little as 10 minutes of your time.

So gather together your tax forms, be ready with social security numbers, and know ahead of time how much money you can bring to the table to cover the down payment and closing costs.

Century 21 Mortgage Professionals are ready to help you from Century 21 M&M offices all over Northern California:

  • John Anaya – Stanislaus & San Joaquin Co, 209-758-4938, email-john.anaya@mortgagefamily.com
  • Sonny Nguyen – Stanislaus & San Joaquin Co, 209-534-7421, email – sonny.nguyen@mortgagefamily.com
  • Kenny Anderson – San Joaquin County, 209-633-9846, email – kenny.anderson@mortgagefamily.com
  • Juan Herrera – Stanislaus & Merced Co, 209-408-2363, email – juan.herrera@mortgagefamily.com
  • Linda Hays – Santa Clara County, 408-230-3182, email – linda.hays@mortgagefamily.com
  • Debbie Lintao – Solano & Alameda Co, 707-208-9585, email – debbie.lintao@mortgagefamily.com
  • David Will – Sacramento County, 916-300-9697, email – david.will@mortgagefamily.com

The following details will be discussed during this phone conversation:

Personal – Provide name (first, last and middle initial), social security numbers and date of birth for all parties involved in the transaction. If married, be prepared to provide the same information on your spouse even if they will not be a party to the purchase.

Residence – Be prepared to provide the address, zip code and phone numbers for all the places you resided in for the last two years. If you have been renting, you will be asked about the amount of rent you have been paying. If you own your home you need to be prepared to provide information on your monthly mortgage payments, tax and insurance amounts if you own your current residence.

Income – Be prepared to discuss all sources of ongoing income. Have income information for all parties involved in the transaction; including business names, addresses, and phone numbers of employers or other sources of income, and dates of employment for the last two years. Have the most recent 30 day pay stubs available.

Credit – Be prepared to discuss any unusual issues regarding your credit (judgments, liens, derogatory payment history).

Tax Forms – Be prepared to provide the first page of the last two years IRS 1040 available for all parties involved. If any party is Self Employed, they must have been so for at least two years. Any unusual deductions should be disclosed at this time.

Assets – Have the name of each repository and type of account (checking, savings, 401K, IRAQ, CD) along with approximate balances in each. All assets to be used should be in an account as soon as possible.

When you make this phone call to a Century 21 Mortgage Professional, the questions you will be asked are designed to make you feel at ease with the process. No commitment is expected nor is any pressure applied. The goal of the Century 21 Mortgage Division is to simply to help you make an informed decision when buying Real Estate and to provide your Century 21 M&M real estate agent the tools they need to make a successful offer.

C21MM Preferred Service Providers save Time and Money

Century 21 M&M and Associates knows that your time is valuable, so they take the worry out of finding a reputable firm to provide reliable home inspections, maintenance, and service.

Lauralee Ensign, VP of Mergers & Acquisitions

The C21MM preferred service providers program provides a list of preferred vendors that offer services for homeowners geared toward general maintenance, ongoing repairs, inspections and special projects.

You no longer have to utilize the Yellow Pages, just go to – Century 21 M&M Preferred Providers to view a list of hand selected reputable, licensed preferred service providers inNorthern California.

Whether you need carpet care, painting, landscaping, electrical or plumbing services, the C21MM preferred service providers program saves you time and money.

Jay Lloyd, Connections Admin. 707-429-2121 email Jaylloyd @c21mm.com

According to Lauralee Ensign, Century 21 M&M COO, “It is an excellent program that takes theguesswork out of choosing a vendor. C21MM preferred service providers are background and referenced checked.”

“During the selection process our preferred service providers are investigated, including confirmation of business license and proper insurances. References are required and checked”,

Jesse Gibbs, Century 21 M&M Director of Career Development

Jesse Gibbs, Century 21 M & M Director of Business Development & PR email-jessegibbs @c21mm.com

says Jay Lloyd, preferred service provider director.

“From handymen to general contractors, home inspectors, home warranties and locksmiths,

Century 21 M&M is providing one-stop service for your home buying and home selling clients,” says Jesse Gibbs, Director of Business Development and Public Relations.

For more information on our preferred service providers, including a complete list of vendors, go to – C21MM Preferred Vendors, or contact Jay Lloyd at (209)847-6111 or email him at jaylloyd@c21mm.com.