Century 21 M&M Relocation; Your Moving Solution

Century 21 M&M Relocation“Relocation, whatever the reason, job opportunity, moving closer to family, even a change in climate or scenery, can be exciting and challenging at the same time.” Courtesy of Century 21 M&M Relocation.

According to the Wall Street Journal (Jan2011) people are moving to to fast growing cities, especially young career-minded people and entrepreneurs looking to start businesses.

Whatever the reason, selling your existing home and finding a new home, in a new location, can be a challenge. Century 21 M&M Relocation Department can help coordinate your move and make the transition smooth and stress-free.

Certified Relocation Agents
Century 21 M&M Relocation will help you find a real estate agent who is not only certified, but also familiar and experienced in the area you are relocating to. Our agents are able to help you find the right home quickly.

Century 21 M&M Relocation Realtors are required to complete certification courses and undergo background checks before they can assist you.

“Comps” Provided Upon Request
Upon request, Century 21 M&M Relocation Agents will provide “comps” – a comparable analysis report of the local housing market to help you obtain a stronger understanding of property values and market conditions, for not only in the area you are moving to, but also in the area you are moving from. Email us at Relocation@c21mm.com today to request a “Comps” report.

Century 21 is Global
Century 21 not only has offices nationwide, we have over 121,000 agents in 171 countries, so wherever you are relocating we can recommend a Realtor trained and qualified to assist you. Contact Century 21 M&M Relocation today at 1-800-479-7900 or email us at Relocation@c21mm.com.


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