Choosing a Home Sellers Agent

Why should you call a Century 21 M&M Agent? “Because they are filled to the brim with caring, and patience and plain English translations…Century 21 Agents – Smarter, Bolder, Faster!” Courtesy of the Century 21 Smarter, Bolder, Faster advertising campaign.

Selling your home, Century 21 M&M Real EstateWhen choosing a home sellers agent, the seller has many things to consider;

Should you hire a friend or family member? It is important to use tough standards when selecting a real estate agent to sell your most valuable asset, friendship isn’t enough. Know those standards ahead of time, before entering a real estate listing agreement, just as you would before you hire an attorney, accountant or physician.

Interview at least a couple real estate agents before choosing a home sellers agent. Don’t let yourself get caught up ‘in the moment’ because of a slick presentation. Normally you will sign a contract to list a home with a specific agent for a specified period of time. So if you find yourself in the situation where you may be unhappy with the service you receive, you may have to wait out the contract before you can switch to another Realtor.

Don’t choose an agent just because they agree on your selling price. If the home is priced properly, it will get lots of traffic and your potential for an offer is increased. It is smart to hire an agent who has done their home work and can provide you with ‘comps’ in your area. Century 21 M&M agents are trained to come to the presentation with comps and prepared to answer the hard questions.

Ask the Realtor you are considering, to provide you with references on recent sales. Check those references and find out how that agent’s clients feel about their selling experience. Remember, it is not necessarily how long a Realtor has been in business, a newer agent may make up for lack of experience with enthusiasm and a ‘can do’ attitude.

Don’t list with an agent just because they agree to a lower commission. Realtors invest their own money in order to market and advertise your home; professional photos, open houses, fliers, videos, etc. They also invest time getting the word out, and when you the lower the commission – you lower the incentive for an agent to invest time and/or money to market your home.

Choose a Realtor associated with an established brand. Century 21 is a well known brand, not only in the United States but also world wide. Century 21 M&M has a phone staff that is available longer hours and is committed to making sure that you are able to speak with a live Realtor that can answer your questions. In addition, Century 21 M&M syndicates their agents listings to key real estate sites online, not only local but also nationally.

Don’t assume that all Realtors know the same things just because they all passed the same test. The real estate market changes constantly and Century 21 M&M provides ongoing training so that their agents can stay abreast of the changes.  Century 21 M&M agents are also encouraged to take specialized courses and acquire professional designations.

When it comes to selling your home, the best agent is the one who will do the most effective job of marketing your property, negotiating the best price and walking you through the process of selling your property. Century 21 M&M agents are ready to meet with you, answer your questions and sell your property.


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