Choosing a Homebuyers Agent

When purchasing a home you look to the real estate professional for advice and guidance – developing a partnership of sorts. You, the buyer, are looking for a homebuyers agent to help you find the perfect home.

During the process of buying a home, it is the job of the homebuyers agent is to support you in finding that perfect home with the best possible terms, and to aid you through the entire process.

Century 21 M&M agents are trained to explain the process of buying a home, and familiarize you with the various activities, documents and procedures that you will experience throughout the transaction.

Here are some qualities a Homebuyers Agent should have:

  • Knowledgeable about the communities of interest to you
  • Aware of the complicated local and state requirements affecting your transaction
  • Effective in multi-party, face-to-face negotiations
  • Highly trained, with access to programs for continued learning and additional certifications
  • Technology-savvy and focused

So, how do you find a Homebuyers Agent?

Start by asking for referrals. Ask your family and friends who they have worked with, and if they had it all over to do again, what questions would they ask, and, what would they do differently? Contact a Century 21 M&M office and ask customer service which agents specialize in the communities you are interested in living in.

Go to open houses. Walk a few open houses in the neighborhood you would like to live in. Talk to the Realtors at the open house to determine whether or not the agent has the type of personality that you can work with. Talking to the agent should give you a good feel for what to expect from them. First impressions are priceless!

Look on the Internet. Read what the agents have to say on their websites. Do they provide you with useful information? Do they sound knowledgeable? Check to see if the agent, or broker they are associated with, has reviews at Yelp or Google Places. Pick a couple of Realtors that seem to fit your personality, then call and schedule a face-to-face meeting.

Interview the agent(s). First of all, is the individual accessible and professional? Is the individual knowledgeable? Were all of your questions answered to your satisfaction? Make sure the real estate agent has your best interest at heart and the experience to do a good job.

Remember that you will be spending weeks, sometimes 100’s of hours, with the individual that you choose to be your Homebuyers Agent. So it is important to get it right – choose a Realtor® that is knowledgeable, effective at negotiations, tech-savvy and experienced in the type of transaction involved in moving you into that perfect home.

In Northern California, feel free to contact Century 21 M&M customer service at (800) 350-1548, or search for agents by language, title or accreditations.


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