Three weeks left to collect Coats for Kids

Only three weeks left to collect Coats for Kids

Jesse Gibbs Beach Body

Jesse Gibbs, Director of Business Development and PR for Century 21 M&M says, “I know you are still wearing your Hawaiian shorts, but the cold rainy season is just days away. And, we need ‘Coats for Kids’!”

Jesse wants to remind Century 21 M&M and Associates that “there are only three weeks left. The last day you can donate coats is December 3rd. As of that date we will be taking down the signs, packing up the coats and delivering them to the News 10 distribution center.”

“I would like to encourage all agents with children to reach out the their child’s classroom and either hand deliver or email the Coats for Kids Classroom Contest 2010 link to the Teacher and/or Principal.”

8 Coats for Kids delivered by Lucy Hakimi at the Modesto Sales meeting, 10/11/10

We would love to hear some creative ideas to collect coats. Last year a couple of the offices had an Open House featuring Wine and Cheese, and the price of admission was a Coat. This year the Fairfield-Dixon Hill Rd office is hosting a Shred It Day. Any participant that brings in a coat can have their old files shredded for FREE by Shred It.

Century 21 M&M is offering a $50.00 gift certificate to the Associate with the most creative idea to promote the collection of Coats for Kids. Just forward your ideas to Jesse Gibbs*.

All it takes is an idea, like Jesse says, “Twenty years ago someone had an idea to collect Coats for Kids, and as of today almost ½ million coats have been collected. That is phenomenal!”

With only three more weeks–it is time to get the word out. So fire up your computers; notify all of your facebook friends, blog your announcements, twitter the globe and get LinkedIn with your Contacts. Let’s get the word out – M&M Cares – children and families need coats this winter!

*Email Jesse Gibbs at


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