The Year of Century 21 M&M and Associates

Last of a two-part series

While the Chinese Zodiac declares 2010 to be the Year of the Tiger, it’s turning out to be the year of Century 21 M&M and Associates.

Century 21 M&M and AssociatesThe Oakdale-based firm and world’s largest Century 21 affiliate, recently acquired four offices: Coldwell Banker Endsley & Associates in Turlock, Century 21 Champion offices in San Jose and Cupertino and the Century 21 El Camino office in Sunnyvale.  The firm has offices in 23 cities.

John N. Melo, CEO of Century 21 M&M, said while the 50-agent Turlock addition fits well in its Central Valley base, the Santa Clara County offices and their 500 agents are much more significant.

“We believe the Santa Clara area has more potential for growth,” said Melo.  “Our plans are to expand in Santa Clara County.  We’re already looking and negotiating with several other locations.”

John Melo and Larry Matos, Century 21 M&M Real Estate
John Melo CEO, Larry Matos-President

Larry Matos, president of Century 21 M&M, said part of Santa Clara County’s attraction is its stronger residential market and much higher median-home prices.

According to Zillow, a real estate  information firm, the median value of all homes in Santa Clara County jumped 7.3 percent to $600,800 from April through June.  In Stanislaus County, the median home price in June was just $139,000, according to MDA DataQuick, a real estate research firm.  More troubling was the figure was down 6% from May’s $148,000.

Melo said Santa Clara County’s strong market is fueled by a large cross-section of nationalities among buyers.

“Santa Clara County adds cultural diversity, at the three offices we added, their staffs speak 30-plus languages,” he said.  “At Century 21 M&M, we thought we were diversified with 10 or 15 languages.”

Melo and Matos have a plan to continue to acquire new offices this year in preparation for a better economy in 2011.  The pair is looking at the Tri-Valley region — Pleasanton, Livermore and Dublin — as their next expansion area.

Alan Aoyama, Sales Manager for Century 21 M&M Cupertino
Alan Aoyama, Sales Manager-Cupertino (408)366-6230 email-alan

“We feel 2010 is a great opportunity, not only for home buying and investments, but also for adding new offices and agents,” said Melo.  “We believe the economy will positively improve in 2011.  Our goal is to have Century 21 M&M in a position to take advantage of the growing economy.”

Alan T. Aoyama, a former vice president of Champion Century 21 and continuing at the Cupertino Century 21 M&M office, likes the business plan Melo and Matos have laid out.

“The Bay Area is a highly competitive market and no doubt, will be challenging for everyone,” said Aoyama.  “But with strength and dedication, we now have our first true opportunity to lead market share.”

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