Century 21 M&M And Associates Adds Three New Offices, 500 Agents

First in a two-part series

It’s all about the brand!

Century 21 M&M merges with Century 21 Champion and Century 21 El Camino in San Jose, Cupertino andCentury 21 M&M and Associates continues to add new offices and is growing its brand. The largest Century 21 franchise in the world, Century 21 M&M recently acquired three award-winning Century 21 firms — with more than 500 real estate agents total — in Santa Clara County.

“They’re in the top 100 firms with Century 21,” said John N. Melo, CEO of Century 21 M&M. “This acquisition will double our sales volume.” The latest real estate firms to join the Century 21 M&M brand are Century 21 Champion offices in San Jose and Cupertino and the Century 21 El Camino office in Sunnyvale.

According to the 2010 Real Estate Trends 500, the Oakdale-based firm is ranked 47th in the nation for the number of properties it sold in 2009 and 76th for the value of those sales. Century 21 M&M was involved in 6,898 sales worth $1.138 billion.

John Melo and Larry Matos, Century 21 M&M Real Estate
John Melo CEO, Larry Matos-President

Look for Century 21 M&M to jump up the national ranking this year, and then make a dramatically leap in 2011, said Larry Matos, president of Century 21 M&M. The hike in sales dollars, said Melo, will be lead by the higher property values in Santa Clara County. “The median-priced home in Cupertino is $1 million,” he said. “The median price in San Jose is $500,000. In the Central Valley it’s $140,000.”

While a huge increase in property sales and dollar volume is desirable, Melo said he is especially pleased the latest additions will spur the growth of the brand beyond its Central California stronghold. The firm now has offices in 23 cities.

“Getting the Century 21 M&M and Associates brand in the Santa Clara area is the real plus,” he said. “In the Central Valley, a great percentage of our buyers come from Santa Clara County. Now, with us connected with the Silicon Valley area, we’re building our brand. Those homebuyers will recognize the Century 21 M&M brand and will feel comfortable buying in the Central Valley from us.”

John Piper, Sales Manager San Jose 408-978-8000 email-jpiper @c21mm.com
John Piper, Sales Manager San Jose 408-978-8000 email-jpiper@c21mm.com

The different market also will help Century 21 M&M ride out regional sale slumps. “When we’re slow, they’re still going strong,” said Melo. John Piper, vice president of Century 21 Champion in San Jose, stressed that positives of the acquisition goes both ways and the Santa Clara County offices also will greatly benefit.

“At Century 21 M&M and Associates, John and Larry have developed a compelling ‘agent value package’ through their overwhelming online presence,” said Piper, who continues with the firm. “Our agents will now be able to offer buyers and sellers in Silicon Valley the most advanced online marketing systems available.”

NEXT FRIDAY: More expansion plans

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